Create customer value & build your career


Create customer value & build your career

Why we are looking for you

We do everything to ensure you feel included

You like collaborating with your colleagues

You’re ready to create value for our clients

You easily adapt to challenges and find solutions

We provide opportunities for professional development and growth

We have various in-office perks (beverages, etc.)


Opportunities galore

Attractive salaries, professional development courses, and training for the body & mind: we have it all. Oh, and we have a fully stocked drinks refrigerator, too. And, our own bar.


A team effort is about individuals working together

What we achieve as a company, both for us and our clients, is down to the people we employ – which is why we do everything to make sure they are happy.


A challenging environment calls for flexibility

The world of payments is in a constant state of flux, with new challenges every day. This calls for an agile mindset – and the desire to thrive under pressure.