Smooth dispute resolutions for complete peace of mind


Smooth dispute resolutions for complete peace of mind

Partnering with Verifi

Turn to Verifi for quick, simple dispute resolution

Benefit from two Verifi services with us:

Resolve pre-dispute cases with Rapid Dispute Resolution, a customizable auto-decision tool based on a smart decision engine

Settle pre-dispute cases within 72 hours through a seller-initiated refund with the Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network™ (CDRN®)

Partnering with Ethoca

Eliminate fraud and dispute chargebacks with Ethoca

Reduce the time it takes to be alerted of confirmed fraud and dispute cases from weeks down to hours or minutes, enabling you to suspend the fulfillment of goods and services and stop chargebacks before they occur.

Performance in figures


Alerts / Cases

Reduced fees and avoided fines are the result of alerts and cases that are processed by our partners. Positively impacting the baseline of our merchants business.



Monitoring URLs is smart, because it reduces the risk of chargebacks. We are on hand at all times to assist you with this.


Merchants live

Online merchants trust us to manage their disputes. You can count on quick, reliable support and a premium customer experience.

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